Why our Self-publishing rights works for you.

Why our Self-publishing rights works for you.

Self-publishing the Network 9 way!

If you have a website and you spend hours creating content, your biggest task is yet to begin.

For starters….people need to read it. And to do that, the content must be optimised for search engines like Google to index your content.

You may also have your own list of newsletter subscribers who will get the updated content.

But what if you can get that very same content published on a network of online resources?

We make it possible with our Self-publishing rights.

If you purchase a self-publishing right, we will automatically publish your content on the selected magazines and link it back to your original article.

Each magazine you select has its own unique list of subscribers and each sends out a weekly newsletter to those subscribers. You therefore get more than double the exposure from a single item posted on your own website.


Buy it and forget about it

Once you have made a purchase and selected a few Add-ons by adding them to your shopping cart, we will do the rest and within 24 hours, your content will reach our subscribers as well. As long as you keep your own content flowing, the system will do its thing!

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