How Network 9 can boost your revenue

How Network 9 can boost your revenue

Can you write?

Yes, you can, but can you write stuff that other’s would pay to read?

Yes you can…

All it takes is knowledge of something and about 4 hours of your time.

And so many of us spend hours on Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing our views, promoting our businesses and advertising because it’s free; but it seldom stays visible to readers for more than an hour.

Writing for online magazines and newspapers is a timeless alternative and is simply a matter of putting your knowledge on a subject in logical order so that it makes sense to someone who reads it.

You can write on “How to bake an egg without ending up with a Frisbee” or you can write on the “Impact of Electric Cars on the Eskom dilemma”.  You can write about your company and its latest offers, or a newly appointed manager. You can promote your products or your online store. Anything goes…and from the billions of internet users, some will pay you to read it.

And you can do it all with Network 9 as your partner.

Here is how Network 9 can help you make money by writing.

We operate the content marketing for a number of online magazines.

You tell us what you want to write about, and we will set up a unique income generator for you.

First, we give you an email address: ( this will forward all emails to your chosen email account.)

Then we set up a “author profile” on the magazine you will write for.

Inside your author profile is a Subscribe button, and this allows people to buy a monthly subscription to your articles and / or stories.

You can decide how much you want to charge per subscription, but keep it below R100 a month to make it affordable.

Secondly, we set up a PayFast account for you to get paid in South African Rand.

We will send you the log-in details for this account, so that you can add your bank account and verify it to get paid directly to your own account. (If you already have one, we can use that too, with your permission.)

We will also give you an exclusive “regular” or category where your content will be visible.

And that is it!

Getting subscribers

Everything you write will automatically be sent to all the newsletter subscribers of a particular magazine.

But, only those who have subscribed will be able to open and read the full content. The rest will only see an excerpt of the content.

What makes it work?

The more you write, the greater the chances that your content will show up in search results. And we don’t limit you in terms of how many times you can write. The only thing we do not allow is plagiarism and content that does not comply with the Press Code of Conduct.

Newsletters are sent out every 14 days, and everything you have written during this period will be included. But it will also stay published until it becomes irrelevant, in which case we will delete it or mark it as “Archived”.

Getting started.

All you have to do now, is make a decision.

You will be required to pay a set-up fee of R 995 to cover our costs, but thereafter, you can make your own money.

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